Mieko Mintz Studio has been located in lower Manhattan since the very beginning, 1999 - originally on Grove Street in the West Village and then on Thompson Street  - and on Vandam Street in the Hudson Square neighborhood since 2014.

On the left: a very young Mieko at the Grove Street store. On the right: Mieko this past New Year's Day at the 30 Vandam location. 

 Both of these locations are part of greater Greenwich Village, which is a fitting place for Mieko Mintz as we have so much in common. Greenwich Village was known historically for its colorful artistic residents, and the lively bohemian culture they created. Mieko Mintz Studio strives to incorporate many of the same characteristics: artistic creativity, diversity of thought, and an unconventional aesthetic.  

Some people might say that Vandam Street isn’t part of Greenwich Village, however, even though it’s nestled in its own tiny neighborhood (the Charlton-King-Vandam  historic district), according to the Village Preservation Organization, this small but distinct neighborhood is part of the South Village. You can read about the history of this charming area in the following link: 

We’re so lucky to call this little piece of New York City our home, and we’re inspired every day by its quaint old streets and buildings as well as by its lively, colorful newcomers.

  MM ❤️ GV!






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