Necklaces by NibANNi

NibANNi Necklace by
Neeti Banerjee 
Paris based, Neeti Banerjee designs jewelry for the modern woman on-the-go. She is inspired by timeless, handcrafted jewelry traditions of India and has a passion for handwoven textiles from France, Italy, India and Japan. Influenced by her training in psychology and business, and her deep interest in myriad cultures of the world, Neeti’s design ethos connects people across cultures and traditions. 
As a young girl, Neeti observed her mother wearing pearl necklaces for special occasions. 
She wished she could wear them too. But they were too precious and delicate to handle. Even for a precocious girl aspiring to be a lady… 
In 2010, NibANNi’s lace and silk covered endless ropes of pearls were created. So women could enjoy beautiful jewelry that is easy to wear and go. For all kinds of occasions. In any country. 
Today, NibANNi necklaces are handcrafted by young tribal women in eastern India and enjoyed by women around the world … in Beijing, Chicago, Denver, London, Madrid, Miami, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Rome, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Singapore, Washington DC.

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